Writers Wanted

As many of you know, my vision for Small Business Community is for our community to become an influential force in helping Small Business Owners with information that will help them grow and achieve their dreams. In order to pursue that vision, our mission is to inspire independent small business owners to build better businesses, so that we may each pursue our purpose with passion and live the life of our dreams.
By building better businesses and pursuing our passions, we’ll build a stronger, more respected profession. If we each do our part and work together, we will truly make a difference.

Small Business Community is Bigger Than Rich Thurman.

My wife and partner, small business owner Carissa Thurman, and I have been successful pursuing our passion. We launched our own retail brick and mortar shoe store, Shoe Thrill, in 2012 and since, we’ve worked with hundreds of other independent business owners to make their lives better through marketing automation efforts. It has not been easy, but through good times and bad we have paid our bills, employed a staff, funded our mortgage, fed our family and lived a happy life.
On January 15th, 2014, I announced my commitment to this community and a vision for my little part to make change for small business owners. I’ve been making progress. The blog has grown and is slowly becoming known throughout the world of small business. The podcast has allowed for me to connect with other professionals and to share my thoughts on business, leadership, marketing automation and life. I speak at national events, spreading the word about Marketing Automation and have leveraged my influence (as small as it may be) to support the mission of other small business owners working to improve their businesses in their own way.
Small Business Community is not about me though or what I have done to become successful. I share my stories on the blog and at the podcast because that is what I know. That is the information and knowledge that I have to share. For our vision as a community to become reality, we need to each pursue our passion and share what we know with others. To become an influential force, one that may inspire change and move to improve our profession, Small Business Community needs to be much bigger than Rich Thurman.

Building a Bigger Platform

In 2009, many years before Smallbusinesscommunity.org was launched to become a resource for our community, I launched the Small Business Community Association. Today, Smallbusinesscommunity.org supports almost 40,000 members. It’s a place where small business owners may go to learn from others and share what they know on a secure platform open only to other small business owners. It was the first step in building our own community of true Small Business Owners.
Today I am announcing the next step toward growing Small Business Community beyond me. With this post, I am opening the Small Business Community blog platform to guest authors and inviting each of you to become a contributing member of our community. I plan to invite others to write for Small Business Community and count on those posts to become the most visited pages on the site.
I love to write and will continue to post articles sharing my stories as well. Have no fear. This is not an announcement of letting everyone else do the work. I’m not going anywhere, but I would like to shift my focus to building a bigger, even more influential platform, Attract, Sell & Wow.
I want everything we do at Small Business Community to be the best it can be. I want every small business owner on the planet to know what we are doing and benefit from the information we are sharing here. Small Business Community needs to grow and I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

Writers Wanted

I want to provide opportunity for members of our community to share their knowledge, support fellow small business owners and contribute as leaders in the marketing automation community. I want to develop the Small Business Community platform to be an even more valuable resource for small business owners. So, today I am opening this blog to other voices. I encourage you to share your knowledge and spread your ideas. Submit an article for publication. Together we will grow our influence, share more knowledge and develop the platform to even greater heights.

You in?

I have developed a new page for guest authors. It includes guidelines for articles, a detailed description of our community, statistics for the platform, a list of benefits resulting from writing for Small Business Community and instructions on how to submit your article for consideration.
If you have something to say or knowledge to share, I encourage you to write an article today and submit it for publication. I look forward to your contribution.