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Current Challenges

Mastering Email Marketing Challenge

As a business owner, you understand that being engaged with your audience is the only way to compete in today’s marketing world. If you are not doing everything possible to succeed with email marketing, then they are leaving a lot of money on the table. 

Mastering Better Copy Writing Challenge

Content is a vital part of every business. As search engines improve and how people conduct targeted information searches, it's more important now than ever before that every piece of content is written to high standards and with authority. 

Mastering Conversions Challenge

Do you have great products to sell, but they aren't selling as well as you'd hoped? Or are you trying to build your list with a great offer, but the opt-in rates are falling flat? It often comes down to an issue of conversion, this challenge will help you know where to start...

Mastering Traffic Challenge

Traffic is something everyone wants more of and it's necessary to build a mailing list or sell a product or service. From SEO to social media, from YouTube to paid ads there are so many things you can do to generate more traffic. Find out where to start...

Mastering Blogging Challenge

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to market your business. You get to know your customers, and find out what they want. This challenge is going to help you strengthen your blogging efforts and get better results from each and every post you make. 

Mastering Planning & Profiting from Giveaways

Freebies are one of the easiest ways to market your business and grow a mailing list. And Giveaway Event is a new way to create excitement, interest, and more for your company. This challenge will help you plan your first giveaway event!

Mastering Instagram Marketing Challenge

While Instagram may seem like it's only for businesses that rely heavily on images such as those in the food, fashion and photography industries, nothing is further from the truth. In this challenge you will get tips, tasks and ideas for driving traffic and sales using Instagram.

​Mastering Social Media Marketing Challenge

Social media is essential for every business. This 15 day challenge will help you improve their skills. It will take you from being unorganized and flying by the seat of your pants to being prepared and profitable in just a few short hours.

Current Courses

​Niche Market Match

People who have the greatest success are those who take the time to make sure their niche has long-term profit potential AND is a niche they'll stick with. Luckily, this course is a step-by-step process that anyone can implement, and which we teach you in Niche Market Match.

Unique Value Proposition

With our five-part “Unique Value Proposition” training program, you'll be able learn the basic steps of creating your own UVP. And by the time you're done, you will have drafted a UVP you can use as the basis for all your business. Give people the reason that they should be buying from you.

Shoestring Budget Startup

Managing your business's funds is key. Don't lose out on the freedom of having your own business!  The reality is that most people CAN afford to build an online business.  You will learn all the secrets of getting an online business started WITHOUT spending any more than they have to.

Introduction to SEO and Keywords

Whether you have an offline or online businesses, you want more potential customers to find you.  In this course we demystify SEO for you with the Introduction to SEO and Keywords. Your customers easily find you on the Internet… and they'll be coming back to you for more.

Strategic Website Content

In this course, you'll learn what you need to ask yourself and create for the 4 most important pages on your website. And with a home on the web that welcomes prospects and builds relationships with you, your business will take off to new heights.

Getting Started with Google Analytics

In this course you will learn the essential website analytics skills you need. You will learn everything you need to know from how to set up the free Google Analytics code to analyzing your most important metrics, helping you get crucial insights about your business. 

From Values to Profit

In From Values to Profit, defining the Principles that Drive Your Lasting Business Success is a 5-part course that teaches you how to identify the core values for your business, along with what you need to do to put yourself into action. This is key to growth.

Content Creation Mastery

Did you know that creating original content is one of the biggest challenges of nearly 70% of content marketers? Content is king when it comes to marketing.   This is a program that's perfect for ANYONE who needs to create content on a regular basis for their business.

Email Marketing Essentials

This course covers the things you need to know to build the type of relationship with your email subscribers that leads to lasting loyalty and profits. You will learn both basic and some advanced strategies.  By the end of this course will know what to do.

Sales Funnel Magic

An effective funnel requires careful planning and thought to make sure it converts leads to customers.  In this course you will design your own online funnel and start building a predictable, reliable income…. that runs on auto-pilot.  NOTE: This is not a technical course. 

List Building Lead Magnets

In this course you will learn how to identify and create a lead magnet that will attract your ideal target customer. Master earning revenue while you sleep.  You learn the process of creating your ideal opt-in gift, including setting up the basics of your list-building funnel.

Social Media Engagement Strategies

In Social Media Engagement Strategies, you're going to be able build the type of engagement that leads to real results with your social media.  Most marketers fail miserably when they try to use social media to build their business. After this course you wont

Facilitating with Confidence

Most group sessions are flat-out boring. The group leader tends to do most of the talking, while the participants try to stay awake or end up staring into space or multi-tasking on their phones.  Here you learn facilitation skills needed to run group sessions more effectively.

Launch Your Product Like a Pro

With this course on how to Launch Your Product Like a Pro, you will have all the detailed tasks you need to complete for a successful launch.   Sleep soundly, knowing you are on the right track for a profitable launch and your business taking off to new heights.

The Emotional Intelligence Advantage

In this course you learn how to develop the 4 core behaviors of emotional intelligence that will help you reach your goals and potential.
You will see a huge difference in all your relationships. And your business can finally take off to new heights as a result.