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Seven Things to Do with Your Hands to Influence Others during a Conversation
The gestures you make with your hands sends a lot of messages to those around you. Sometimes you accidentally send messages that you do not want to send. Learning how to control your body language and what to do with your hands can make a huge difference and help you influence others during any conversation.
8 Hacks to Demonstrate Respect Without Speaking
According to anthropologist Edward T. Hall, up to 60 percent of all human communication is non-verbal. Understanding this fact will help you learn how you can demonstrate respect to others without ever opening your mouth. This is a great skill to learn because the more you listen and the less you speak, the more people respect you and perceive you as intelligent, helpful and creative.
8 Hacks to Create Passive Income
There are many ways to create passive income online today - more ways than this one article can give you. Perhaps you will get your creative juices flowing by looking at these ideas for making passive income online.
Products to Create Passive Income
Creating products for passive income proliferation is an excellent way to get past the whole idea of working trading hours for dollars. All of us are programmed to work eight hours a day for a wage or fee, but it doesn't have to be that way. One of the oldest passive income ideas is rental income for real-estate, but today you can earn passive income online right from home. Here are some ideas that work well.
Advertising Mistakes Small Businesses Make
Small business owners are more likely to make more costly advertising mistakes than large corporations. You can avoid these 9 mistakes simply by knowing about them and then not doing them...