Startups and High Growth Businesses

A "startup" is associated with a business that has high growth potential and is usually technology oriented. Startups have some unique struggles especially in regards to financing. Investors are looking for the highest potential return on investment, while balancing the associated risks.

Use these resources to help start, run, and expand a startup or high growth business.

Financing a Startup

From seed capital to capital for expansion, getting financing is one of the most important parts to a startup. Making sure you can impress the venture capitalists and the angel investors takes preparation and practice. Use these resources to help your startup in getting financing. 


The steps to starting a dotcom have many similarities to starting a brick and mortar business, but there are numerous benefits and risks to starting an online business. These resources will help you to start and grow your dotcom as well as address business topics specific to dotcoms. 

Intellectual Property

With high-growth startups, entrepreneurs want to make sure to have their ideas protected. In the early stages of business, the idea is the driving force. These resources can help you to protect your ideas and products.

Marketing and Social Media

Like most small businesses, marketing should be on every startup owner’s agenda. Creating a brand and making sure that your customers and potential customers know about your high-technology, innovation, or idea is important. Use these resources to help build your brand with tradition marketing and social media.

Mentoring and Training

Creating a startup can become overwhelming but finding a mentor and resources can help. These resources will help you and your startup start, grow, and ultimately be successful.

Green Businesses

A growing number of startups view global environmental problems as business opportunities. Learn about the major profits to be made by those that develop solutions to them. 

  • Green Product Development
    Help your startup join the Green movement and learn about Green Technology Innovation grants and technical assistance. 
  • Green Startup Guide
    These resources help your startup take advantages of the Green movement.

Hiring Employees and Independent Contractors

Entrepreneurs need help to start and expand their startups. Make sure that you are hiring the right people and understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor.