Eight Tips to have Successful Videos on YouTube


f you know who your audience is, and have information to impart, then using YouTube is a great way to proceed. If you blog, you can create videos. Start with re-purposing some of the content you already have by making them into videos. When you make your videos, follow these eight tips to stay on track for success.

Be Yourself

A lot of different types of videos become popular. Some look professional and others look like a kid made them in his or her mom's basement with old equipment. But, they are still popular because the person is being themselves. As long as what you're representing fits with your audience's expectations and needs, you'll be fine.

Make Them Short

For the most part, short videos from 3 to 5 minutes will be the most popular. Even one-minute videos are better than 10-minute videos. A 10-minute video is sometimes needed when you're teaching someone how to do something with a lot of steps. But, most of the time a 3-minute video will be perfect.

Keep to One Point

Sticking to one point during each video is also a good way to be successful. It will help you keep your thoughts organized, plus it will help you keep your video shorter. Shorter and to the point is always better than drawn out and confusing. People should reflect on your video after viewing and understand the point.

Don't Forget Your CTA

You do not want your video to sound like an infomercial; however, you do want to remember your calls to action. Usually you should do this at the end of each video. It helps if you know what you'll say. For example: "Subscribe and give me a thumbs up, and while you're at it why not visit my website at www.com - the details are in the description box down below."

List Your Video Correctly

Make sure that you put your video in the right category, and use all the tags, keywords, and other information that you can possibly use. Do not skimp on this process just to get the videos up. You need people to be able to find you when they type questions into the search bar.

Use the Description Box Wisely

The description box of your video is a very important place. You can include links to your website, links to affiliate programs, and more. Use it for everything it is worth for every video you post. Even if the viewers do not look at the description box (but they will if you tell them to), the search engine uses it for keywords to send people to your videos.

Post Them Regularly

At first it will feel as if you're talking to no one on your videos. But, when you post them on a regular basis (such as daily, a few times a week or weekly), you will build an audience. People start to count on you and if they know your video is coming out every Thursday, they'll look for it. Just keep posting regularly and the audience will build.

Promote Your Videos

It's also important that you promote every video that you publish. Promote via social media, on your own blog, and within your newsletters. Asking people to watch your video, and giving them some information about what's in the video, will increase views exponentially.

You can become very successful on YouTube promoting your business if you make non-sales videos on a regular and recurring basis that are targeted toward your audience. Plus, at the end of each video be sure to ask for likes, shares, comments and a thumbs up.

About the Author Richard Thurman

Rich Thurman’s passion is helping small businesses realize their full potential. With twenty years of real world experience in both small and large business, Rich has worked for and with both global industry leaders and small-town family-run storefronts.

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