Software to Help Deliver Your Course


hen it comes to eCourses there are many ways to deliver the course. You can do it yourself on your own website using a password protected page, through email autoresponder like Infusionsoft, or through other methods. Let’s go over a few of those methods to familiarize you with the multitude of ways that you can deliver your course.

  • Udemy - You can build a course, and then earn a percentage of sales, through using a third party system like Udemy. Your course has to be approved, and they have high standards of what is included and how you do it. For example, using the method requires a certain percentage of your course to be in video format.
  • Infusionsoft - You can deliver your course through email using an autoresponder like Infusionsoft. Simply use a password to protect each page that has the download on it, and use a payment gateway like PayPal first.
  • Memberium - This is a great way to deliver your course. You can have them pay using the system, then sign up for a list. You use the list to remind them about the pages to allow them to download your course.
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    InstaMember - This membership site software helps you build a page that is members only so that they can get courses delivered to them. This is a WordPress plugin; the biggest drawback is you cannot drip the content.
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    MindFlash - This is an LMS system that allows you to accept payments, teach courses via mobile, social media, and more. You don't need a website or a system to use this. It's an all-in-one course delivery service
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    LearnDash - This is an LMS plugin for WordPress that you can use to host your own learning management system easily to drip feed your courses to your audience. This is one of the easier options if you have a WordPress website.
  • check - This is a hosted system that will allow you to create and deliver your course without having to set up a system yourself. It's simple to use, the price is fair, and it's free to get started. Try it out.
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    Academy of Mine - This is a cloud-based system that allows you to upload your course. You can even start an entire school and conduct live streaming courses if desired. This software has features you may not need that are very advanced, including affiliate program, multiple teachers and more.

However you decide to set up your course, it's important to ensure that you have the right payment gateways that your audience wants to use. In most cases, most people who buy courses on line like to pay via credit card or PayPal. So, you'll need a professional account in order to accept payment.

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