The 9 Hacks to Make Money Using Online Events

If you’re going to get involved in promoting and hosting on-line events like zoom meetings and webinars, you are going to want to find ways to monetize them to make them worth your time and effort. Putting on events is fun, but it’s not without hard work.

You should be compensated for the time you take to host events, and luckily there are lots of ways to monetize them.

Entry Fees

Make the event itself the money maker by charging for the event. When you charge for the event you’ll want to invest in the right technology to make the process easier, like EventbriteKeap, etc. These allow you to automate the process of charging and even in some cases replay your event automatically as a live event so that you can collect over and over again.


Use the technology available to you to record the event, then package it with other items you have for sale to increase their value. You can also sell the recordings for a lower fee to attendees or make it part of a package that people can buy upfront for a different ticket price. has built in technology to record your events, making it really easy to download and share behind a membership site secured with Memberium.


Have a transcriptionist transcribe the recordings to create a report of the event. You can sell it just as is, a transcript, or you can make it into an eBook, a report, combine it with other writing to create a case study, and more. A good service to use to transcribe is GoTranscript, you can check them out here:

Upsell New Products

When you have an event, you are able to collect the registrants’ information upfront so that even if they do not show up for the event, you can market new products and services to them via the email list you created due to them subscribing for your event.

Cross-Sell Related Products

Using the event itself, as well as the sign-up form, welcome form, and other means, you can cross-sell other products that are related to the event or that go with the event.

Promote Affiliate Links

The products that you promote do not have to be your own; they can be products created by others in which you are part of their affiliate program. This is a great way to earn extra money from the registrants of your event.  A great example is something like this:

Automate It

Make money from the event over and over by reshowing it “as live” many times over. You can sell tickets to it again and again, as long as the information is still current. No need to have a real live event each time.

Attract Sponsors

If you have an hour-long event, it’s quite natural to find sponsors for events just like a TV show does, or live events do. Build a media package for your event that will describe who will attend, how many will attend, who the audience is and other information for advertisers to determine whether or not the event is the right one for them to sponsor.

Presell the Next Event

Use the current event to sell your next event by offering early bird discounts to fill the seats before you even announce it live to the public. This is an excellent way to determine interest for future events too.

Finally, to make the most of your events, whether they are teleseminars or webinars, collect the registrants’ information so that you can follow up with them. The follow-up, even if you charge for the event, is what will make the difference in your ability to capitalize on hosting events so that you increase your income without more work.

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