Software for Webinars


here is a lot of software to choose from when it comes to conducting webinars. Before you look at the products, write down the features you want the software you use to have, as well as how much money you can afford to spend on the technology that you choose.

Using this software for your webinars is a great choice because it's not expensive. And it has a lot of features that make marketing easier, such as automatic recordings and playbacks so you can record a webinar once and resell it over and over again. They offer a $1.00 trial for a week. Check them out here:


This webinar software is a little more expensive but it has the ability to set up webinars easily as well as charge for attending the webinars. It offers top-notch professional features that enable you to run truly professional conferences. However, the space can be more limited without paying a lot more money. Check them out here:


We use Zoom exclusively for Webinars and recommend that our clients do the same.  They are priced right and allow you very cool functions like integration with Facebook Live.  Check them out here:

Adobe Connect

With different plans up to 500 attendees, whiteboards, screen sharing, easy recording capabilities, and a relatively low price compared to other similar services, this is a winning choice for pretty much anyone who wants to do webinars. Check them out here:


This free service offers the ability to conduct webinars without having to spend a future. You can upgrade to get more features. Their screen sharing lacks some bells and whistles and the host has to download to use it, but it is sufficient. Check them out here:


This very modifiable service allows you to set up webinars that don't look too cookie cutter. But, it's harder to monetize this software than some of the others; however, there are always ways to work around it. Check them out here:

These various software choices come with many differing benefits and price points. Most of them have a free trial version that you can test out. The best software in the world isn't good enough if you cannot figure out how to use it comfortably.

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