Eight Ways to Use a Book to Market Your Business

Marketing your business with a book is a great way to prove your knowledge and develop some credibility within your niche. The act of publishing a book sets you up with expert status almost automatically. Of course, the book needs to be good too, but the idea is that the book is not the main product. The book is just a way to market the main product which is you, or your business.

Sell It Inexpensively on Kindle

You can give it away by signing the book up exclusively on Kindle, and then allow it to be given away. Alternatively you can sell it for $2.99 or even more. It's up to you. If the book is good, and you want to make money off it, it doesn't exclude you from using the book as a marketing tool. This only works if you also include links and information about your website and other information inside the book.

Collect Leads by Giving It Away

As mentioned above, you can give it away on Kindle. You can also give it away as lead bait or incentive to your customer to sign up for your email list. Still include links in your book because your audience will want to buy what you suggest, and come back to your website if they know where it is.

Use It to Get Speaking Opportunities

A book's topic is a great platform to get speaking engagements. When you're a published author, people will want to know what you know, and speaking is a great way to market your business.

Publicity through Authorship

Just becoming a published author carries some clout. And, don't let anyone tell you that self-publishing is "less than" any other type of publishing. Self-publishing is actually more lucrative today than finding a publisher unless you are already famous and want to outsource some aspects. Publishers will not do much to help someone who is not already known; therefore you may as well self-publish and use the proof of your knowledge (your book) to market your business.

Viral Marketing Campaigns

An eBook can be a great way to "go viral" if you know how to promote it. Use social media, book trailers, and excerpts of the book to market on social media to get the word out about the book and your business at the same time.

Create a Book Trailer Video

A great way to both market your book and your business is to use the book to make a book trailer video to post on YouTube. This video can then be posted on your website and social media networks as a way to promote the book and also your business.

Put Links inside Your EBook

This is the most important thing outside of marketing your eBook. Ensure that you include links inside your eBook because this is how the people who buy or download your eBook (or even if they steal it) will give you business from it.

Promote It on Social Media

Don't forget to market your business and book on social media using all means available, such as infographics, the book trailer, memes and infographics.

Using a book to market your business is an excellent idea. It's something that's been done long before online marketing. A book can be a great calling card for your business with proof of your expertise.

About the Author Richard Thurman

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