7 Interactive Advertising Hacks

Interactive advertisements give customers an opportunity to engage with you and your business in a way that will help them develop more knowledge about your offers and the values you hold as important in your business. It's is a great way to share your brand story, activate word-of-mouth advertising, and so much more. Let’s look at a few ideas for interactive advertising. 

QR Codes

One way to add interaction, both online and offline, is to use QR codes offline to bring your offline customers online. You can use QR codes in person that can automatically add products to your customers’ shopping cart, take them to a sign-up page, a special video, a coupon code, or otherwise encourage them to buy from you.

Virtual Reality

VR is still in its infancy, but it is progressing. In some cases, 360-degree video stands in for VR, but anytime you can make the audience feel as if they’re a real part of your effects and a VIP insider, this is a great way to convince them to buy.

Personalized Information

A fun way to use interactive advertising is to offer your audience a survey, and based on the answers of the survey you send them to a different product or personalized version of the product. 

Testing before Buying

Nowadays, the technology exists to enable you to let your audience test things before buying - either through virtual reality, or by letting them use an app before they download it and only download it after they’ve tried it. This can work for a lot of applications where trying before buying is preferred, such as with software.

Provide More Information

You can also use technology and interactive advertising to get more information from your audience so that you can get to know them better. For example, you could run an advertisement on Facebook that once your audience clicks through, prompts them to answer a few questions, then delivers the product or freebie recommended immediately. 

Tell Stories

Add a QR code to product information that delivers a different video message of a customer telling their positive stories about using your product. If each story that shows up is random, that will make it more useful than sending them to a page with twenty stories. Help them focus by delivering one story at a time.

Let Them Order Where They Are

One thing that interactive advertising can do for you is identify new technologies that allow your customers to buy from you when they are ready without having to leave the app they love. For example, today you can order from Domino's Pizza right from Facebook Messenger and Twitter. 

You can use both online and offline opportunities to get your message to your audience about your products, brand, services and anything else you want to.

About the Author Rich Thurman

Rich Thurman’s passion is helping small businesses realize their full potential. With twenty years of real world experience in both small and large business, Rich has worked for and with both global industry leaders and small-town family-run storefronts.