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Do What PR Would Do


veryone cannot afford an expensive PR firm to help them promote their video, but you can have the next best thing. Just do what PR would do yourself. First, look at everything from your audience’s vantage point, then get to work to make sure your audience sees it – while making it all look even better for them.

  • Customize Your Thumbnails - YouTube and video editing software allows you to put a professional-looking thumbnail that helps describe what's inside the video visually for your audience. Choosing the right thumbnail will increase views exponentially.
  • Study Your Keywords and Terms - Keywords are still important when it comes to any type of content you put online. But, now they are even more important in terms of ensuring that they're right. You don't want to use a keyword that draws the wrong audience. Always put your audience first with your keyword choices.
  • Optimize Your Titles - Titles are very important when it comes to a video. Don't be tricky about a title because people will be angry if they come to your video because of a salacious title, only to find something they didn't expect. Be clear, concise and accurate but use the right keywords to get the right attention.
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    Include a Call to Action - You can tell them directly as the host, you can include annotations, and you can also include the CTA on an insertable exit portion of the video (called an "end card") that is consistent throughout your videos. This provides the CTA that your audience needs.
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    Optimize Video Descriptions - Use every aspect of the description area to describe the video, using the right keywords and right language and saying what your audience will get out of viewing the video. Plus, use links that are inside the video and anything you talk about in the video.
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    Allow Embedding of Your Videos - Many people turn off the embedding feature, but if you do that you're missing out on other people using your videos in their content. When someone embeds the video, you get the credit for the video being watched and people will find your channel.
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    Cross-Promote on All Social Media - Just like you promote a blog post or a product, promote your videos on all your other social media. When you have a new video, link to it on every social media account you have, with a specialized burb that gets the attention of the audience.
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    Recommend Other Videos via Annotation - A really awesome feature that you can use for your videos is annotations. An annotation is where you can make a clickable area right inside the video so that people can learn more about other things you do.
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    Use the Features Offered - With YouTube you can embed a featured video, embed a watermark to brand your video, and more. Use the features that they give you to make your videos better and to help you promote.
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    Allow Channel Ads - Use one of your better videos to allow YouTube to use your video to run a channel ad. This is free to you, but very powerful. Yes, YouTube is going to use your video as their own to promote YouTube, but your video will get a lot of views in the process too.
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    Be Regular - Don't skimp on your videos; try to produce one at least weekly to keep your audience interested. If you don't put up videos on a regular basis, then you may lose viewers that would otherwise be wonderful ambassadors to your brand by recommending the videos and your channel to others.
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    Run Paid Promotions - Once you have a number of videos on your channel, run a pay-per-click promotion campaign. This will help you increase subscribers faster than other methods, but you must do this only when you have a good number of high-quality videos.

Finally, as you become more popular, send out press releases about the things you're doing outside of YouTube. Get active within your community, and become a well-known name brand throughout the internet and not just where your videos reside.

Ask for Feedback from Viewers

Any time you put up a video you need to get feedback from your viewers so that you can improve it each time. And the best way to get feedback is just to ask. It’s amazing, but when you take the extra step to ask for feedback, you’ll be more likely to get the feedback you want. You can even be specific to the type of feedback you want. For example, if you got the new sound equipment you can ask, “Let me know if you like how this video sounds.”

The more specific you are when asking for feedback from viewers, the better and more useful the feedback will be. Here are some tips.

  • Make an Intro Video - If you use a streamlined method of creating a video by making a similar intro to each video you post, you'll create a professional vibe that will help the viewers feel more comfortable leaving feedback.
  • Make an Exit Video - Your exit portion of each video should be similar or the same too. This is where you ask for likes, shares, and comments for your video. Being able to insert this exit video will help you remember to ask for feedback.
  • Embed Other Videos - You can embed links to more of your videos, even including forms for specialized feedback if you want extra information about what your viewers like or don't like about your videos.
  • Ask for Likes - Always ask your viewers to like your videos. Sometimes you might want to tell them why they should like them instead of just enjoying them without clicking like. They might not realize that it helps you keep providing videos to them.
  • Ask for Shares - A good type of feedback is when someone shares your video. All feedback doesn't have to be a comment; instead, a share means, “I liked this enough to share it with others, and it has a lot of value.”
  • Ask for Ratings - When you want thumbs up for your video on YouTube, for example, you need to ask. People are more likely to vote something down than up. Many people watch a video without any action. Ask for the action, and you’ll be glad you did.
  • Ask Viewers for Topic Ideas - A great way to get feedback and engagement from your viewers is to ask them for new ideas for topics that you'll cover in the future. People love having a say in what they watch, so give it to them.
  • Ask Viewers to Critique the Quality - Sometimes, you want the content to be beside the point, but you'll have to be specific. Ask your viewers how they like the quality, especially if you did something different or purchased new equipment.

If you want feedback you’re going to have to ask for it, every single time you post a video. People will only comment on what they want to if you don't ask for specifics. If you are good about giving feedback with other video creators, you’ll establish a good relationship with them, and they’ll do the same for you.