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9 Hacks to Ensuring Your Content Topic Is Newsworthy

One of the best methods for getting the word out about your business is to send a press release. However, it’s important to know how, when, why and to whom you should send a press release if you want them to help your business. One way is to ensure that your press release topic is newsworthy.

To ensure that your topic is newsworthy, consider the following:

Which Audience to Target

To make your press release newsworthy you have to know what is news to your audience, and who distributes that news to your audience. Obviously, if your business is about technology you would not target the story to people who don’t pay attention to technology. You’d target the story toward your audience using terms and jargon that they would use.

When to Send Your Press Release

When you send it is just about as important as what you write about and to whom – if you send it at the wrong time, your press release will end up in the circular file. Get to know when your contacts like to receive press releases. Different topics have priority at various times. They say that Monday and Friday are bad days to send press releases due to the volume.

Who to Send Your Release To

If you’re using a service, ensure that they don’t send them out willy-nilly but are more targeted. If you are sending them out yourself, ensure that you know the exact name and email address or fax number to use to send the press release to in order to ensure it is read. Many services just blanket everywhere with the release and this is not the best use of your time or money. If you know the people personally that you’re sending the press release to, you can worry less about the day and more about the person.

How to Craft a Compelling Headline

Editors don’t have time to read an entire press release most of the time, and aren’t going to spend time editing them either. So, take the time to craft your headline so that it tells the story in one line that is going to be told in the press release to come. Inside the Small Business Community Toolbox there are several headline swipe files.

How to Properly Compose the Body of Your Press Release

Learn how to compose a press release correctly so that the formatting is right. Press releases have a standard that is designed by the Associated Press. Use the AP Stylebook to help you compose your press release correctly and professionally.

Tie Your Release to Recent Headlines

If you can somehow tie your release to headlines that are current then your release will get more attention. The press likes to saturate everything with the same news, so if you can tie your release with what’s happening right now you’re more likely to get it published.

Make Your News Coincide with a Holiday

Even holidays that are very little known are good ways to tie your release to something newsworthy. The press, especially during slow news times, love giving their readers information about little-known holidays and facts. If your press release can connect to and coincide with any holiday, you’re more likely to get noticed.

Connect Your Release with Recent Research Results

If you can somehow connect your release with recently published research, your release will be more newsworthy. For example, if you have a food blog and just released a new cookbook full of low carb menu items and you can connect that to and mention the research that suggests low carb diets are healthy, you’re going to be more likely to get your press release published.

Don’t Spam Editors

Only send releases when you really have something to report such as a grand opening, re-opening, product release or event announcement. Don’t send one for every new blog post that you write. Have a good reason to send the release and your audience will have a good reason to read it, which means the press will have a good reason to publish it.

When you follow the rules and treat press connections as human beings, while crafting newsworthy press releases, you’ll get excellent results from your efforts.

Nine Ways to Create Buzz about Your Business


reating buzz about your business means that you do something to get people talking about you and your business. Today, creating buzz about your business is important, especially as there are so many people to compete with. But, if you can set yourself apart in this way, you’ll win a lot of new customers. Here are nine ways to do that.

Send Out a Press Release

Press releases are still viable and important ways to get buzz about your business, even in this day of social media and blogging. Press releases should be sent out to your contacts every time you have something newsworthy to share.

Create and Share an Infographic

Infographics are long, pictorial graphics that tell a story about the data and information that you have. These are great ways to encourage sharing, especially if you include data that is relevant for your audience that they'll enjoy.

Release a Free eBook on Kindle

Having a book launch with a free Kindle book is a great way to create buzz. Ask the people who download the book free to give you a review and feedback, which will help move your book up on the list that Kindle recommends to people.

Create Viral Videos

While you might not be able to just willfully create a viral video, if you create regular videos that are of interest to your audience then one of them is bound to resonate enough to go viral. Videos get shared more often than text, so you're off to the right start when you create videos.

Have a Facebook Contest

Contests are great way to create buzz about your business. You can have them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog... however you want. Just follow the rules of the platform and make sure your prizes are relevant to your audience.

Conduct a Blog Tour

A blog tour is where you plan to place a guest post that is original to the place where you put it, and which is about something you're promoting. The way to set that up is to contact people to join the tour and allow you to post your information on their blog.

Host a Webinar or Teleseminar

These are great ways to build your email list and get buzz about your business. A good way to do it is to ask other people to do them with you. That way you all promote to your own email lists too.

Start a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel can be almost as good as having a television show if you plan out the content you want to do, post content on a consistent basis, and try to be as professional as possible.

Connect to a Charity

You don't want to do charitable things just because you want to create buzz. But, if there is a charity that you like, you can donate a percentage of proceeds all the time to it, or you can have yearly sales where all proceeds go to the fundraiser.

If you want to create buzz about your business, using social media is a great way to do it. Try these different ways and see what reactions you get. Keep doing new things as often as you can to keep the buzz going.

Eight Ways to Market Your Biz Online Cheaply


arketing your business online inexpensively is a real possibility. You can practically market your business for free if you know what to do. That’s why online marketing is so completely awesome and fun. The barriers to entry are low, and even the learning curve is small. So before you know it, you will bring your business to profit with free or cheap marketing.

Content Marketing

This is one of your most important marketing weapons in your arsenal. In fact, you'll use content for all types of marketing including every inexpensive way mentioned below. Content is needed that sells, educates, engages, informs and excites. You need content for all aspects of marketing - up to and including customer relations.

Use Social Media

Social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ all have a place in your online marketing endeavors. Well, they might. You have to determine which social media networks will work for you and it will depend on your niche and your audience. Where do they hang out? Be there.

Blog Often

Blogging is a big source of traffic, and in some instances the only source of traffic for many website owners. It's a great way to get the message out to your audience while not spending much money. You can write the posts yourself or you can outsource. Most people write them themselves when starting out. It can take time to get used to doing it, but writing a post a day can help gain momentum. But you also want to consider doing longer blog posts, less often, to get results.

Remember SEO

If you are not familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), it's important to learn. SEO changes constantly and is how you optimize your website for search engines. There is both on-page and off-page SEO that you can do for your business. Learn all you can about it.

Send Out a Press Release

The good, old-fashioned press release is still a thing, believe it or not. You can still get a lot of value out of sending out free press re-releases if you know how to do it. The trick is to have contacts to which you send the press release directly and not just out to never-never land.

Perfect Your Website

Your website is your store front, and even if you have a bricks and mortar store front, your website is the store front your customers will likely see first. If it doesn't look great, why would anyone purchase from you

Join Relevant Communities

Communities are a great way to get your name out there. There are communities you can join on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as self-hosted and owned "inner circles" and mastermind clubs that you can join. They can help you get known as an expert, as well as help you get more links to your website.

Get Listed

There are directories that are free or inexpensive that you can join to help market your business. Ensure that the directory is niche oriented, and that it is run by a reputable person so that you are listed with other reputable business owners. You don't want to be on a list that is associated with spam. Your local chamber of commerce is one such list that you can get on for the price of your membership.

Finding inexpensive ways to market your business online is a great way to get started. But even after you have a great business, you'll want to keep using these inexpensive ways to market your business.

Advertising Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Small business owners are more likely to make more costly advertising mistakes than large corporations. The main reason for this is because as a small business you likely do not have an advertising department and experts to help you navigate the ins and outs of advertising. You can avoid these mistakes simply by knowing about them and then not doing them. Not Using Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) System – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of tracking and analyzing all of the interactions you have with your customers and prospects. CRM software is a tool that centralizes, simplifies, secures, and scales your customer engagement. Placing the Focus Elsewhere – The focus always needs to be on your audience, their problems, and how you can solve them. NOT on your products and/or services. They want to know what is in it for them, not what is in it for you. Remember to focus on benefits over features. Being Unclear about the Audience – If you do not know who your audience is, it will be hard to create the right advertisement. Create customer personas so that each time you write an advertisement or create a message, you know exactly who to direct it to. Having a Weak Message – In order to create a strong message, you need to know your audience and the objective ( the action you want them to do), ensuring that you list the benefits along with your unique selling proposition. If you include some powerful words in a simple but clear language, so much the better. Not Sending Marketing Messages Often Enough – The frequency by which you choose to send advertising messages is important. Not often enough and they forget you exist; too often and you become a pest. You have to know your audience to know that fine line. Avoiding a Call to Action – If you do not give your audience something to do, they will likely do nothing. It is important to know what your objective is before placing the advertisement so that you can form an effective CTA. Not Using an Effective Landing Page – You can have a great product, a wonderful advertisement and then not convert people because your landing page is not effective. If you have a lot of click-throughs to the landing page but which aren’t converting to customers, test different landing pages. Misunderstanding the Metrics – A good example of what metrics can do for you is the point above. Try to understand what the numbers mean so that you can make a good choice of how to perfect the situation. If you are not sure, talk to someone who is an expert. Not Budgeting for Experts – You cannot do everything yourself and if advertising and sales are not in your expertise wheelhouse, you should contract with an expert to help you. If you already have your product or service ready, find someone who is used to marketing to your audience, and get their help. Understanding that these are mistakes that many small businesses make with their advertising can help you not do the same thing. It is important that you are aware of the types of things small businesses do that cause failure, or that cost a lot of money without any results. If you know better, you can do better.

Yes – You Can Network Locally



ven if you have an online business, you don’t need to overlook your local market. Networking locally might even be the very best way to jump-start your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a product or a service; there are people local to you who need what you’re offering. What’s more, it might be easier to market to local people than you think.


  • check
    BNI -– Business Networking International is a networking group that enables local people to get together to help refer business to each other. Usually, the way it works is that only one person representing each type of business is in each networking group. There is a steep fee for being involved, but most people who stick to it report that it's worth it.                                                                                    Link -
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    Chamber of Commerce –- Your local chamber can offer you a lot more than you might think. As a home-based business owner, there is a special need for your involvement in your chamber. You can go to business after-hours events, volunteer to help with ribbon cuttings, send out flyers to other business owners and more.
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    Niche Groups –- Even locally you'll find some niche groups such as local blogger clubs, network meetings and more that can help you find like-minded individuals or customers. You can even start your own niche groups.
  • check –- This is an online service that helps you meet with people locally. You can find a lot of groups and events via this service that are relevant to your local networking needs.
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    Local Mastermind Groups -– Look through your local college or university to find local mastermind groups that can help you reach the next level in your business. If you're a woman, look for women-owned business networks.
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    Teach a Course –- Why not start your own networking events by teaching a course to others? You can usually rent a space relevantly inexpensively; place an advertisement in your local newspaper and via other networking groups to teach something important to local people.
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    Host a Workshop -– Once you get involved, other people will ask you to host workshops with them. Joining forces with others is always helpful and can help you get known as a local expert.
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    Sponsor an Event -– There are many local events that need sponsors. This can cost a little bit of money, but having your business name as a sponsor for a major event in your town can make a huge difference in brand awareness.
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    Volunteer for a Cause -– While you shouldn't volunteer only to get your name out there, it is still a good way to add to the knowledge others have about you. Choose a cause you like without thought to sales, but only to helping the local community get to know you while you do something helpful for a cause you care about.

Networking your home business or online business locally can help you either get jump-started or help you get out of your comfort zone to become a well-known expert in your niche.