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Orin Jewelers Inc Receives 2018 Best of Business Award

PHOENIX, December 3, 2018, Orin Jewelers Inc has been selected for the 2018 Best of Business Award by the Small Business Community.

Being in business sets people apart from most ordinary people and the Small Business Community is dedicated to helping others understand that running a business is an obtainable goal and that everyone should try their best at living their dreams.

The Small Business Community recognizes and awards business owners because they often do not receive the recognition they deserve. Business owners are role models for everyone whether they know it or not. Small Business Community 2018 Best of Business Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

About Orin Jewelers Inc

The beginning of Detroit’s most trusted and respected jeweler began 85 years ago when Orin J. Mazzoni, Sr. opened his first store in Weirton, West Virginia in 1933. A watchmaker by trade, he devoted his younger years to building his reputation as a fine craftsmen, dedicated to quality work and superior service at a fair price. 85 years later, that reputation has carried over to Detroit, Michigan, becoming known as one of Detroit’s finest jewelry stores. In 1953, Orin and his wife Mary moved their family to Garden City, Michigan and opened Orin Jewelers. In the early years, the Mazzoni family lived right above the store and learned the family business from the “Bottom Up!” In 1965, the Mazzoni family moved to our current location just across the street, the Folker Building, which was originally a National Bank of Detroit and, later, Garden City’s City Hall. Our second showroom in Downtown Northville opened in 1983. Orin’s is celebrating over 30 years of business at the corner of Main Street and Center. When Orin Sr. retired in 1969, Orin Jr. took over as president and CEO. Orin Jr.’s goal was to continue the same family traditions and ideals that were so important to his parents in serving the Metro Detroit Area. A family oriented atmosphere where people feel comfortable and welcome has been a mainstay ever since. With the lifelong background in jewelry, Orin Jr. became a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America in 1977, which proved his love of gems and jewelry and desire to give his customers the highest knowledge possible when selecting a fine piece of jewelry. In 2014, Orin’s daughter Antoinette joined the family business. She is currently studying for her Graduate Diamond certification through Gemological Institute of America’s distance education program. This has truly given Orin Jewelers of Garden City and Northville the rare opportunity to call themselves a “third generation family business.”

About Small Business Community

The Small Business Community Association is dedicated to collecting and organizing information, training, and services that are vital to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone else that needs help running a business, operating a business, or wants to know how to start a business.

The mission of the Small Business Community is to promote a vibrant and growing small business community, support education that will preserve and extend the future of small business and use our gifts within the small business community to serve others for the betterment of our world.

The Small Business Community vision is to enthusiastically advance small businesses in three key areas:

  • Growth – To assure a vibrant and growing small business community, our goal is to introduce, engage and mature the next generation of small business owners.
  • Advocacy – We feel it is fundamental to support education and action outside the small business community that will preserve and extend the future of small businesses.
  • Compassion – We believe it is essential that we use our gifts within the small business community to serve others for the betterment of our communities and world.

SOURCE: Small Business Community

Contact: Small Business Community Association
Email: press at smallbusinesscommunity.org
URL: https://smallbusinesscommunity.org

About the Best of Business Program

The Small Business Community Best of Business Program is dedicated to recognizing businesses and their owners for everything that that do for their customers, clients, employees, family, and their communities.

Small Business is truly the backbone of the United States Economy and part of the American dream. Everyone should have a chance to open and run their business with success and support from their community.

If you would like to become a member of the Small Business Community, you can apply here: https://smallbusinesscommunity.org/

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