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Wes SchaefferSales Whisperer

I hate to divulge my secrets because, well, they're secret! But the Small Business Community is my secret weapon when it comes to technology, Infusionsoft strategizing, and just bouncing ideas off of guys like Rich Thurman when it comes to simplifying the complex in this ever-changing, accelerating world of gizmos and gadgets, add-ons and plugins...

I wanted to thank you for the advice you have given me so far. Not only with infusionsoft, but helping me to move our overstock through Amazon has been a complete lifesaver. To think that the amount of money being transferred into my bank account every two weeks, I have no idea where we would be if you hadn't taken the time to explain the benefits of FBA and selling on Amazon in general to me. Being a very young entrepreneur, I have had quite a few people take advantage of me and had consultants who were completely useless. It's so refreshing that from our two conversations already I have been able to actually make money as opposed to just wasting it.

Rachel Avery Store Owner