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Rich Thurman - Founder of SBCA

I love helping small business owners, like you, in growing their business using proven strategies and the right technologies. With the right strategies implemented on the right technology you can automate any part of your business and watch it grow.

You may be thinking that building a mailing list takes a lot of time and effort. And you are right. But if you invest your time now, you’ll reap the rewards for many years to come. The old saying “the money is in the list” is absolutely true.

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Dear Reader,

Freebies are one of the most powerful and easiest ways to market a business and grow a mailing list. And a Giveaway Event is a new way to create excitement, interest, and more for your company. It’s not something everyone is doing – you may not have heard of or participated in these types of events before. This is one of the reason’s they can be so powerful.

A giveaway event is an event where you, and a select hand full of businesses, give away products, services, and information in order to reach a specific business goal. These events are powerful because they provide a wealth of value and benefit to your audience, but it costs you very little to host. It’s easy for prospects and customers to get excited about the event because they know they’ll walk away with tons of great freebies.

With this in mind, this 15 day Mastering Giveaways Challenge is going to help you plan your first giveaway event.

Here's what you will get during the 15 day Mastering Giveaways Challenge...

  • 15 Emails with Daily Tips and Tasks - Each message includes rock-solid writing advice, plus tasks to complete each day of the challenge to help you work on planning your giveaway event.
  • A growing volume of website traffic.
  • The knowledge and ability to plan your giveaway.
  • The skills to create an irresistible giveaway event.
  • The knowledge on how to connect with awesome partners.
  • The know-how in building stronger connections with your audience.
  • A course version of the 15-Day Challenge: You have the option of how to consume the challenge. You will get daily emails and you can also go at your own pace in the SBCA Business Booster Dashboard.

Okay! If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

Attract more targeted visitors?
Sell more products?
Increase mailing list opt-ins?

The 15 Day Mastering Giveaways Challenge is designed to be a complete A-to-Z guide to a successful and profitable giveaway event. The challenge is broken into 15 sections or days and each section covers a different topic and each has an assignment at the end of the section.

By the end of this challenge, you’ll be able to identify specific strategies that will work for you and have a successful giveaway event. 

You’ll also learn the best practices for consistently improving partnerships and audience enthusiasm. Giveaway events are not something you just do once, but something that should be done on an ongoing basis.

The information in this 15 day Mastering Giveaway Challenge could be your key to supercharging your business.

Are you ready?

Mastering TRAFfic Challenge

Break open winning strategies that work right away!

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different strategies and technologies in today's world. There are many ways to do the same thing and even more ways to do it the WRONG way. The 15 Day Mastering Giveaways Challenge gets you in the game and on the court with clear and specific objectives each day. Each day you are given a insight and homework that will make the difference in growing your list, increasing engagement, and making more money.

Here is what is inside...

Each day you will get a lesson and an action to take in your business, these are a few of the key strategies and implementations you need to increase traffic...

What Do You Want Your Giveaway to Accomplish?

There are many different ways to grow your business. A Giveaway Event is a new way to create excitement, interest, and more for your company. It's not something that everyone is doing and you may not have heard of or participated in these types of events before. This is one of the reason’s they can be so powerful.

What Can You Give Away? Brainstorming The Possibilities

In this lesson we talk about what you can give away. Ideally, your collection will be focused on providing your customers and target audience with as much value as possible.

Hosting a Giveaway? Why Everyone Should Receive Something

As you pull your list together and begin to finalize some of your ideas, there are a few more considerations to make.

Identifying Your Unique Marketing Angle That Makes Your Event Stand Out

This is a big day with an important assignment. We’re talking about creating the framework and structure for your event and setting the foundation for your marketing. You already established a goal for your event so pull that piece of information out. Now it’s time to align your goal with a few other key pieces of information. In this lesson we start with your target audience.

How to Create an Irresistible Event Title

You want your event to appeal to your prospects. And if you’re going to invite other businesses to participate in the event, you’ll want the title to appeal to them as well.

How to Entice
Great Partners

One thing that can make your event super attractive to your audience and help you reach your goals for the event are your contributors or partners. Now you can hold the giveaway event all on your own. However, this means that you’re going to have to provide all the freebies.

Setting Your
Partnership Terms

In other lessons we talk about how to make your Giveaway Event enticing to potential partners. We talk about materials that you can provide to them to market the giveaway. We also talk about making it easy for them to sign up and to participate.

So, once you have thought about how to make it great for your partners, you also have to think about what they will walk away with.

Finding Great Giveaway Event Partners

How you find giveaway partners depends a bit on your niche, your personality, and your goals. For example, if you’re in the health and fitness niche and your goal is to build a list of thousands then you may open your partnership offerings and market heavily.

Behind the Scenes - Organizing Your Giveaway Event

How organized are you? There’s definitely a range of personality types and organization strategies. Let’s say that wherever you are on the spectrum, it’s important to make sure that you have systems in place to help you launch a seamless Giveaway Event.

Outsourcing and Delegating to Get More Accomplished

At this point in the challenge, you should see some results from your work. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process and the things you do will continue to work, far into the future.  During this challenge you will make a lot of plans, lists, and started creating documents. You may be starting to realize that there’s a lot that goes into planning and hosting a giveaway event. Delegation and Outsourcing will be key...

Creating Buzz for Your Giveaway Event

As you well know, you can’t simply create an event and hope people will attend and participate. It’s akin to hosting a birthday party but not sending out the invitations. No one is going to show up. You must build buzz and market your Giveaway event if you want people to sign up.

Motivating Others to Market Your Giveaway Event for You

The more people who know about your giveaway event, the better, right? It’s easier to achieve your goals with a larger audience. Whether your goal is to increase sales, traffic, or the size of your email list it pays to get the word out and promote your event.

Using Giveaway Promotion Sites to Launch Your Event

The Internet is packed full of directories and listing sites. There’s a listing for everyone and every niche, from garage sales to Giveaway events. Of course, the latter is what you’re interested right now.

It’s easy, actually. Depending on the site, you simply add the fundamental information about your event like the dates and details

Monetizing Your Giveaway Event

On the very first day of this course we talked about establishing your goal for your Giveaway Event. You wrote it down, right? Your goal is the foundation that you use to create and build your event. Now, whether or not you chose to set profits as your goal, you can of course leverage the event to increase your profits. We’re going to talk about a few different opportunities that you have in your event to make some money.

Follow-Up What to Do After the Event Is Over

Your giveaway event can last as long or as short as you’d like it to. You might let it last a week or a month, the choice is yours and it’s something that you can discuss with your partners and your team. You do want to make sure that your prospects have time to download and access the wealth of information, products, and services that you’re offering.

What Others Have To Say...

See what others have to say... Our team has collectively helped over 1000 businesses get over their marketing and automation hurdles and on the path to success.

Store Owner


I wanted to thank you for the advice you have given me so far. Not only with infusionsoft, but helping me to move our overstock through Amazon has been a complete lifesaver. To think that the amount of money being transferred into my bank account every two weeks, I have no idea where we would be if you hadn't taken the time to explain the benefits of FBA and selling on Amazon in general to me. Being a very young entrepreneur, I have had quite a few people take advantage of me and had consultants who were completely useless. It's so refreshing that from our two conversations already I have been able to actually make money as opposed to just wasting it.

Rachel Avery



I met Rich at the 2015 Traffic and Conversion Summit hosted by Digital Marketer. At the time my entire business was built upon very poor and simplistic email marketing and e-commerce. Rich put me onto Infusionsoft and gave me all of the necessary training to feel like an advanced user in just a few months. Because of regular coaching interaction with Rich and his team, I’ve been able to execute growth and automation plans that I never would have figured out on my own. The result? My business is about 3 times larger than it was in 2015. I highly recommend Rich and the TAG team as a resource to tap into. I love feeling like I have true knowledge, experience and proven plans to continue growing the business.

Chris Thompson

Sales Whisperer


I hate to divulge my secrets because, well, they're secret! But the Small Business Community is my secret weapon when it comes to technology, Infusionsoft strategizing, and just bouncing ideas off of guys like Rich Thurman when it comes to simplifying the complex in this ever-changing, accelerating world of gizmos and gadgets, add-ons and plugins...

Wes Schaeffer Founder

Mastering Giveaways Challenge

Trouble getting more traffic for your business? Get on the court coaching...

Every day for the next 15 days you will be given a new lesson. Each lesson includes rock-solid giveaway event advice, plus 1 task to complete each day of the challenge to help you improve various features of your giveaway events.

At the end of the 15 days you will have...

  • Peace of mind that you are covering all the basics when it comes to having a successful giveaway event...
  • 15+ Emails with AWESOME Giveaway Event Tips and Tasks
  • The knowledge and ability to have a successful  GIVEAWAY Event ...

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If you purchase this 15 day course and are not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 12 months from the date of purchase and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Of course I cannot guarantee you will achieve your goals because I can’t guarantee what you do when we’re not working together, and I can’t guarantee that your goals are achievable or that you have the necessary skills, patience or determination to keep going. For what it’s worth, I’ve never had to honor this guarantee.