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As the official website for small businesses, the Small Business Community Association provides the information and resources necessary for business owners to start, expand, and run their businesses. The Small Business Community Association’s primary goal is to provide streamlined information, training, and services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and people dreaming of owning their own business or being their own boss.

The Small Business Community Association is the only community association to provide comprehensive access to federal, state, and local government from a single website. Small business owners no longer need to search through multiple websites for contact information, forms, compliance guidelines for laws and regulations, or for help applying to government assistance programs.

Through its unique search tools and features, the Small Business Community Association untangles the policies, requirements, and bureaucracy surrounding business development. All of this information is consolidated here with one website, where the Small Business Community Association actively strives to save small business owners the time, money, and energy spent complying with regulations and interacting with the government.

The Small Business Community Association can help you establish your business and can teach you the tools and techniques to develop your business into a successful and rewarding enterprise. These tools and techniques include search engine optimization, life cycle marketing, Infusionsoft training, Facebook marketing, social media management, general consulting, and specialized coaching. The Small Business Community Association can help you establish your business and can teach you to develop your business into a successful and rewarding enterprise.

The Small Business Community Association was created by Rich Thurman, the founder and CEO of First-to-Move Marketing. After twenty five years of real world experience in both small and large business, Rich Thurman authored a book about marketing, customer attraction, and presence, and now applies his knowledge and experience to new businesses through the Small Business Community Association. Over the past two years Rich has put his marketing and development expertise into practice with many clients, including his wife, Carissa Krausman. Seizing her dreams and recognizing her potential, Carissa opened and has grown her own successful boutique shoe store in Chandler, Arizona.

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Rich focuses on helping small businesses realize their full potential through automating Life Cycle Marketing and harnessing the power provided by the Infusionsoft platform.

Rich has 25 years of real world experience in both small and large business. For the past 15 years Rich has been focused in the financial industry supporting Microsoft’s biggest customers with include Wells Fargo, American Express, Bank of America, and First American among a select few others.

As an Application Development Manager, Rich was skilled at helping his customers harness the true value of the Microsoft platform and integrate technology across disparate systems. Whether he was fighting fires or providing guidance, Rich brought all his experience and talents to help senior executive architects all the way down to the end users of specialized and custom solutions specific to that organization’s business.

Since the age of 10, when most people were first getting VCR’s, Rich had access to an 8088 Sperry Univac IBM clone computer. Life for him has never been the same since. Combined with his passion for business and marketing, Rich always finds new and creative ways to bring technology to bare on a specific problems or needs AND turn them into revenue streams.

In 2004, Rich had his 15 minutes of fame as a result of the work he did reverse engineering a computer game and creating a set of inter-connected systems to play the game for him in a way that allowed him to make real money selling game items to other players.

Most recently Rich seized the opportunity to become a partner with Infusionsoft and jumped at the chance to truly make an impact that will help hundreds, if not thousands of businesses reach their potential and achieve higher profits through the power of the Infusionsoft platform.

Rich has been using the Infusionsoft platform in several of his other business ventures for the past several years, and he is looking to help others achieve similar results as an ICC (Infusionsoft Certified Consultant).

Current Employment:
First to Move Marketing / Small Business Community Association
Founder & CEO

Previous Employment:
Application Development Manager – Microsoft – 15 years
What an ADM Does: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ukmsdn/archive/2011/02/18/a-day-in-the-life-of-simon-ince-microsoft-application-development-manager.aspx

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